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Memphis: Direct From Broadway

Memphis: Direct From Broadway
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Monday May 16th, 2011

Memphis: Direct From Broadway is the high definition motion picture version of the smash Tony Award winning musical.  It was photographed over 5 performances at the Shubert Theater early in 2011. This is a solid hit about the dawn of rock and roll with a wonderful score by David Bryan and great performances by leads Montego Glover as Felicia, a beautiful African American woman who dreams of stardom and Chad Kimball as Huey, a white working class guy with a determination to break down the segregated walls of AM radio in the South of the 1950's. The show is based on the life of Memphis DJ Dewey Phillips and an incident in the career of Alan Freed, the father of Rock and Roll.

The musical does a good job evoking a bygone era when Rock and Roll was considered "race" music and therefore subject to the same segregation as the rest of Southern society. Early Rock became more than a new genre of popular music it was a bridge between people. While pioneers like the fictional Huey were instrumental in helping to build that bridge, animosity and mistrust between people was far from over. There's a song in the show called "Change Don't Come Easy" that conveys the size of the task that still lay ahead.

Even if you're not a Broadway musical fan you'll like this show. It's got tons of energy, winning performances and one great song after another. Once you hear Huey sing "The Music Of My Soul" you'll be hooked.