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Bradley Cooper as Eddie in Limitless
Saturday May 14th, 2011

Eddie Morra is running out of time. His book contract is rapidly approaching the eleventh hour and he has nothing to submit to the publisher. His girlfriend is leaving him and his landlord is threatening to evict him for nonpayment of rent.

So when Eddie's sleazy ex-brother-in-law suddenly pops up with a little pill (NZT) that he wants him to try and tells him it will allow him to use 100 percent of his brain Eddie goes ahead and swallows it. Instantly he experiences heightened senses, creativity and total recall of everything he has ever seen or heard. With his new found skills he's not content to write books and decides to conquer Wall Street. But will he have enough NZT to stay in the game and then there's those pesky side effects not to mention the killers who stalk him for his supply of the wonder drug.

That is the premise of Limitless the new techno-thriller starring Bradley Cooper as Eddie, Abbie Cornish as his girlfriend and Robert De Niro as a ruthless businessman  looking to close a merger deal with a mysterious competitor.

It's an okay movie with enough going for it to keep you interested but for me it just felt somewhat pedestrian. The script seems to be a pastiche of elements from countless similar films.  Bradley Cooper is good as the ne'er-do-well turned financial genius.