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Boston and New York Film Critic Awards choose the Artists
Thursday December 15th, 2011
The Boston Society of Film Critics gave out their awards. They gave The Artist Best Picture . That hasn't gone into general release yet. It won't be up the Kendall for 2 more weeks. Brad Pitt got Best Actor for Moneyball. ¬†Michelle Williams won Best Actress for My Week With Marilyn. Albert Brooks won Best Supporting Actor for Drive and Melissa McCarthy won Best Supporting Actress for Bridesmaids. Martin Scorsese won…More
2011 Oscarcast
Monday February 28th, 2011
"Somewhere over the Rainbow" sung by New York's P.S. 22 choir concluded the Academy Awards and it pretty much summed up the cheerful mood that Hollywood was in this year as they reached out to award the Best Picture Oscar to The King's Speech. Maybe America and the world need it now, who knows, we can always use some hope. The King's Speech is a classically enacted…More
2011 Oscar Picks
Saturday February 26th, 2011
IT'S OSCAR WEEKEND! BEST PICTURE: I think The Social Network will win. It's brilliant and what's more relevant to American culture today than the Internet and Facebook. BEST ACTOR: 5 excellent nominees but I think Colin Firth will win for The King's Speech. When Colin as King George VI gives his Speech you can almost feel the audience cheer. BEST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman should win for Black…More
Oscar Nominations
Friday January 28th, 2011
Yesterday was Oscar nominations day. They nominated a really good little film called "Winter's Bone" for Best Picture. It's a stark, raw portrait of a determined girl searching for her lost father in a desperately poor, rural American setting. Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress nominee) is excellent as the girl and John Hawkes got a supporting actor nod for playing her uncle. The other 9 nominees …More

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